Removing Asbestos

Used in building and housing construction widely between 1930 to 1983, Asbestos consists of 6 naturally occurring minerals.  These minerals were known to be heat-resistant, strong and were great for insulating properties. This is what made asbestos so widely used until it was discovered  asbsetsos contained extremely hazardous material and subsequently a major health risk, including death. It is now known asbestos caused mesothelioma lung cancer and it is now banned in over 50 countries around the world. At Summerland Asbestos, we make sure we do not put your health at risk when we are removing asbestos from your family home or commercial premises.

Discovering Asbestos

If your house is built prior to 1983 there is a good chance asbestos was used during construction. We find people discover asbestos in their house usually during renovations and when you inspect a new home.  If asbestos is discovered, make sure you act fast, as such working environments can be risky for you, contractors and possibly lead to serious health problems down the the future.  So, if you have found asbestos in your home please call us at Summerland Asbestos Removal for an inspection. Please do not remove it yourself, simply call one of our licenced people.

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