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About Us

Our  Summerland Asbestos Team conduct asbestos removal in the greater Byron and Norther Rivers Area – from Yamba (south) and Lismore (west) to Gold Coast (north).  Our team offers a fast efficent service for asbestos removal in Byron Bay and beyond. Our extremely friendly asbestos removalist team can offer you a free quote and lots of expert advice.

We are insured and fully licensed, and conform with the latest safety standards and regulations so that you know that your asbestos removal work is completed to the highest standard. Our prices are extremely competitive and our call outs can be done on the same or next day. .

The greater Byron Bay Area has many weatherboard houses and buildings with various types of  asbestos issues.  Our experience of asbestos removal in the Lismore and Byron Bay area, find it’s due to existing asbestos being identified in renovations, or damaged asbestos sheeting.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and we make sure we maintain proper safety systems to ensure your house is protected throughout the asbestos removal process. This includes using a H-Class HEPA vacuum to clear the site, creating an exclusion zone around the removalist site to limit exposure to other areas of your home, and utilising particle binder spray after completion.

Our asbestos removalist team take the time to explain the process, costs, safety procedures and all you need to know, including a works schedule for completing full asbestos removal.

"Ron and Jim are great to deal with, were very professional which gave my family piece of mind. They got the job done and cleaned up after themselves."

John H

"They quoted the job the same day at a great price and the job was done quickly."

Frank L

"Ron really looked after me and gave me a pensioners discount."

Les M


Learn something new


What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a flexible mineral with over a 1000 building applications. It is a known fact Australia was the highest user of asbestos per capita worldwide. Approximately one-third of all Australian homes contain asbestos type products.


Different types of ASBESTOS?

There are many different types of asbestos containing hazardous materials found in the average household including,  wall and ceiling insulation sheets, ceiling sheets, roof sheets, bathroom floor tiles, pipe insulation, fences and much more.


Risks of removing asbestos?

When removing asbestoin please consult with a professional asbestos expert as it can cause many respiratory and other diseases including lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, laryngeal, testis& ovarian cancer, pleural plaques, thickening, effusion to name a few.


Does my home have asbestos?

If your home is built prior to 1983, we suggest you get an inspection carried out to confirm if it does contain asbestos.


What is dangerous about asbestos?

If the asbestos sheeting remains in tact and is not broken, generally it is safe. However, if the sheeting is damaged or broken particles of asbestos can be inhaled causing life threatenbing situation. It’s best to call an expert immediately and get the damaged asbestos removed.


What type of licence is required to remove asbestos in NSW?

• Class A Asbestos Removal License – permitted to remove friable asbestos.
• Class B Asbestos Removal License – permitted to remove non-friable asbestos only.
Summerland Asbestos is fully licenced Class B. Lic. No. AD2110493.



A certified clearance inspection is $440 plus GST.
If you’d like to book a clearance inspection please call Summerland on 0415 848 085 or (02) 6621 70 37.


How much does it cost to remove Asbestos?

At Summerland Asbestos Services we usually quote on a square metre basis, however where the asbestos is attached to other materials including tiles etc which need to be removed as a safety requirement with the asbestos sheeting, additional charges apply based on either the cubic metre and/ or weight of the material to be removed. If you’d like to get a quick quote either call Summerland on 0415 848 085 or (02) 6621 70 37 or send fill in quick quote enquiry form and we’ll get back to you on the same day.

Basic Process for Asbestos Removal

1: Inspect and confirm your premises contains asbestos

2: Provide an estimate to remove all the asbestos

3: Set up a safe and secure environment for the removal process to begin

4: Vacuuming with a H-Class HEPA vacuum to clear the site

5: Spray a particle binder solution so its not possible to inhale the hazardous material


Servicing Byron Bay, Lismore, Gold Coast, Yamba, Ballina and much more.

We specialise in residential bonded asbestos removal & disposal. Most of our current work involves the safe removal & disposal of asbestos sheeting.

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byron bay asbestos removal
Summerland Asbestos Services offer the most competitive prices and are the most trusted Asbestos specialists in the Ballina, Byron and Lismore Shire areas. We are fully licenced and trained to attend to all your asbestos issues.

Asbestos removal & disposal includes:
– Internal & external domestic & residential
– Corrugated Roof sheeting
– Wall sheeting and ceiling
– Bathroom walls, ceilings and laundries
– Kitchen ceilings and walls
– Vinyl sheet flooring
– Guttering
– Fencing, garden beds and pots
– Shed walls, shed roofs, carports and garages
– Switchboard backing made of zelemite
– Gables, eaves, pipes and flues
– Telecommunication access pits
– Waterproofing materials